Living Well with Cancer: Cancer skills clinic

Sometimes a few simple things can make a huge difference in helping you to successfully cope with the mental, emotional and spiritual turmoil that a cancer diagnosis brings:

Good information and resources, effective skills, and some extra support. 

Living Well With Cancer is a series of 4 sessions that will give you the skills and resources you need to successfully navigate your journey through cancer:

Module 1: Mindfulness

In Module 1: Mindfulness you will learn how to find peace in this extremely stressful time, manage chronic pain resulting from your cancer and cancer treatments, reduce anxiety and fear of recurrence, and improve your overall quality of life and relationships by learning simple ways to practice Mindfulness every day. 

Module 2: Imagery and Visualization

Studies have shown that positive imagery – the way you mentally conceptualize your cancer, treatment, and your own immune system – is correlated with better patient outcomes.   In Module 2: Imagery and Visualization you will learn how to use effective visualizations to relax, break the cycle of tension and fear, cope more effectively with your life and your disease, and reinforce your beliefs in your ability to recover from cancer. 

Module 3: Relationships

The stress put on a relationship after a cancer diagnosis is completely normal, and some relationship skills might be helpful to keep understandable stress from ruining a good friendship or intimate relationship.  In Module 3: Relationships, you will learn identify the core differences you and your partner have in how you handle stress, how you communicate, how you give and receive love, and interpret complaints.  You will learn about common ways that cancer can affect your sexuality and how to establish a satisfying “new normal” in your intimate relationships.  And patients and caregivers alike will both learn how to avoid burnout and compassion fatigue. 

Module 4: Meaning Making

I believe that there is a message for each of us in cancer, and the message is always love.  In Module 4: Meaning Making we will begin to ask what you want your life to look like after cancer.  We will identify your core values and the areas of your life in which you are living fully by those values.  We will create a vibrant vision for your future and examine what changes you need to make in your life in order to become the most authentic, vital, and healthy YOU.  

To register please contact me at 720-984-1582 or to schedule a free 30 minute phone consultation.  It would be an honor to support you on your journey!