Cancer Counseling

Below are some examples of common issues and emotions that we can work through at various stages of your cancer journey:

Newly Diagnosed

If you were recently told that you have cancer, your mind and emotions are probably swirling.  Right now, just take a deep breath.  First and foremost, our sessions together are a safe place for you to JUST BE.  As your therapist, I will listen to you and support you without judgement or expectations.  I can offer strategies for coping with the intense emotions, techniques in stress management, and the tools to create a plan for your optimal healing and well-being. 

We will work together so that you can face your cancer journey from a place of joy and love, instead of fear. 

Survivorship (Post Treatment or Maintenance)

Are you in remission or on maintenance treatments?  This may seem like a time for celebration, but it is very common for people to find themselves feeling depressed, anxious, and vulnerable months or even years after their diagnosis.  You may be worried that your cancer will come back, or you may still be suffering from the side effects of treatment.  People with cancer can even suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress (PTSD), where follow-up visits with your doctor, the anniversary of your diagnosis, or certain sights, smells, or feelings can trigger fear and anxiety. 

But this is also a time when real transformation can occur! 

I am incredibly passionate about “Survivorship” because this is when you get to take everything that you learned and experienced on your cancer journey and use it to lay the foundation for your new life. 

Together, we can answer the question, “What message does your cancer have for you?”  I believe that the message of cancer is always a message of love. 

We can explore how your experience with cancer is actually guiding you to create a life that is more in line with who you are and what you want your life to become!

Caregivers, Family Members and Loved Ones

I’ve often thought that caregivers, family members and close friends carry the heaviest burden when someone they love has been diagnosed with cancer.  In addition to watching someone you love struggle and suffer, you may be trying to cope with overwhelming feelings of helplessness and fear.  In our sessions together, I will support you without judgement or expectations.  We can develop strategies for how you can best support your loved one, and - most importantly - for how you can best take care of yourself during this time.  

Compassionate Planning for End-of-Life

I have a strong belief that the process of “Healing” does not necessarily mean being “Cured.”  If you or your loved one are facing a terminal diagnosis, we will work towards a deliberate, meaningful approach to the end of life that can be filled with dignity, beauty, and love.   

General Concerns

Just because you have been diagnosed with cancer, doesn’t mean that you are ONLY a cancer patient!  In our sessions together we can address relationship problems, work stresses, infertility, parenting, sexual health, and other issues, whether or not they are directly related to your cancer diagnosis.