On the day that I was diagnosed with cancer, I sat anxiously in a sterile hospital room with white walls, intrusive fluorescent lighting, and paper covered seats.  Several nurses were rushing nervously in and out.

I didn’t understand.  “Why does everything seem so urgent?” I asked.

One of the nurses knelt down to look me in the eyes.  As she laid a hand on my knee she said, “Honey, it’s because we think you have Leukemia.”

I began chemotherapy almost immediately and a few months later, under the care of an incredible medical team, I received a successful Bone Marrow Transplant.  A crucial piece of my journey was finding a doctor that I completely trusted to guide me through treatment.  But my own intuition also told me that there was so much of my healing that wasn’t up to my doctors – it was up to me.  So I started asking, “What else can I do to get well?”  

As a cancer patient I wanted to know how I could not only survive, but how I could THRIVE.  Now, as a therapist at Colorado Cancer Counseling it is my passion and my privilege to combine all of the training, education and insight I have gathered over the past decade with the life-changing experience of my own cancer diagnosis in order to give my clients the tools, information, hope, and inspiration to continue their journey towards health and well-being. 

It would be an honor to support you on your journey!  If you would like to learn more about how I can help you, please contact me at 720.984.1582 or Melanie@cocancercounseling.com to schedule a free 30 minute phone consultation.